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The following North Bay musicians (in alphabetical order) have contributed to this project. It truly was a blast!

Steve Clarke    
  Steve started playing drums at the age of 13. His first gig was at his grade 8 graduation and he enjoyed it so much that he has been playing ever since. He currently owns and operates Repercussions drum studios.

Pete Dawson

Pete has been playing guitar and singing most of his life. Shortly after we finished recording, the computer programmer was transferred from North Bay to Winnipeg. Best of luck out west old buddy, we miss you.


Barry Green    
  Barry started taking piano lessons at the age of 8. Even though he is classically trained, his heart has always been into Rock and Roll. He has played in several bands including North Bay’s legendary “Trout Lake Monsters”.



Ken Hull

Ken recorded and mixed the CD at Flipside Studios in North Bay. In addition to his extensive recording work, Ken is also an accomplished bass player.


Pat O'Kane    
  Music has always been an important part of Pat’s life. A financial advisor by profession, Pat currently plays with the “Guys Without Ties” and “Midlife Crisis”.



Gary Pearce

Gary is an optometrist in private practice in North Bay. A hockey enthusiast, he is also Team Optometrist for the Jr. “A” North Bay Trappers, Nipissing University Lakers and the OHL North Bay Battalion. He has played in several bands and wrote all of the material for the CD.


Paul Pruneau    
  Paul is a self-employed electrician in North Bay. He has been singing most of his life and has played in several bands, most recently with North Bay’s hot Tune Dogz and now with The Fundamentals.


    Mark Robinson
Music has always been an important part of Mark’s life. A teacher by profession, he currently co-fronts the “Guys Without Ties” along with Pat O’Kane.